Corrosion Control

Protect assets and ensure steady-state operations

To mitigate the risk of corrosion’s impact on plant processes and assets, Halliburton Vasu offers several corrosion control products and treatment services for process equipment, including crude unit overhead systems.

Our solutions manage pH in a broad range of environments, limit potential fouling and control pitting so that assets are protected and there is no unplanned downtime, resulting in a loss of production and revenue. Together, our corrosion control solutions help our customers:

  • Control operating and maintenance costs
  • Enhance unit efficiency
  • Improve equipment reliability
  • Improve product quality
  • Increase throughput, production and revenue
  • Meet health, safety and environmental regulations
  • Protect assets without frequent equipment cleaning and replacement


  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Chloride salt control
  • H2S scavengers
  • Filmers
  • Neutralizing amines

To request a copy of one of the following documents, contact Halliburton Vasu Solutions.

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