About Halliburton Vasu Solutions

Halliburton Vasu Solutions LLP (HVSL) is the combined strength of global expertise and local results put in motion by Athlon, a Halliburton Service, and Vasu Chemicals LLP. We serve refineries, petrochemical plants, pipelines, terminals and other heavy industrial plants with process chemical treatment solutions in India and south Asia.

We are successful because we deliver solutions that meet our customers’ needs. We do this by listening and responding with solutions that:

  1. Recognizes the uniqueness of a plant’s operations may require a solution is not of the shelf
  2. Solve operating challenges with chemical and mechanical changes that add value
  3. Lower total operating costs and improve profitability at a higher degree than other


It is our endeavor to deliver superior products, service and chemical application expertise to maximize asset value for our customers.


To be a leader and first choice technology solutions provider to the refining and midstream industries with a commitment to reliability, value creation and service delivery for our customers.

Core values

  • Superior Local Service and Support. HVSL believes in putting the customer’s needs at the top. With experience stretching over various continents over five decades, we know that each customer, each plant and each process is unique but critical. We understand the necessities of productivity gains, waste elimination and efficient unit performances.
  • Innovation and Technology. With ever changing crude qualities and governmental regulations, and the need for all refiners to push their operational boundaries, HVSL believes that staying ahead of the curve through successful innovation is the only way to make meaningful contributions towards our success and the success of our clients. Our differentiating chemistries and solutions approach allow HVSL to eliminate the operating concerns associated with processing challenging crude slates. Having the ability to take advantage of lower cost crude oil directly impacts a refiner’s profitability and cash flow. By engaging in dedicated Research and Development efforts to constantly improve our products and technology and continuously refining our solutions and service offering, innovation and progress are our guiding principles.
  • Value Creation. At HVSL our focus is on improved chemistries and complimentary engineering-focused service programs that enable significantly more reliable operations and our holistic approach to problem solving is centered around our Mechanical-Operational-Chemical (MOC) solutions philosophy. The result of this key differentiating philosophy is increased reliability and significantly reduced operating costs that enable higher customer profitability.
  • Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing. At HVSL we strongly believe that collective progress is only possible through the sharing of knowledge and information. Being an active member in industry groups, HVSL seeks to learn from our peers and in turn give back on our accumulated experience and knowledge. This is imbibed in constant training to our team members and customers, sharing of case histories, technology development of automation offerings and in the actions of every member of the HVSL team.
  • Environment, Safety, Quality. HVSL is dedicated to the three pillars of Environment, Safety and Quality. These three central values are held at our production facilities, workplace environments and client sites. We deliver on our promises with all.