Automation and Digitization

Customer solutions to improve operations and results

Halliburton Vasu has a targeted approach to automation and digitization. We develop tools specific for our industry and our customers. Our solutions connect field, lab, chemical and operation data through secure platforms accessible to your operations and our team.

These platforms can be cloud-based, but, through our industry experience, our customers often prefer internal, existing platforms. Knowing this, Halliburton Vasu avoids extensive external programs and concentrates on INTEGRATED data systems.

Halliburton Vasu’s automation team is knowledgeable and customer-centric. They listen to understand your goals and the operating environment implement. Automation is not a one-size-fits all solution. When we develop an automation system for a customer, we know the final solution will be unique to their operations. No refinery or petrochemical plant is the same. This is why we start every automation engagement with these principles in mind:

  1. Automation is a tool used to support a customer’s operations
  2. The biggest payout for automation is real-time data collection that provides insight into system performance
  3. A chemical team is needed to support all automation activities



Automation systems that include the monitoring of key parameters can be an effective way to obtain system reliability information for refinery overhead systems. Halliburton Vasu’s proprietary HVSENSE system is tailored to customer requirements and can enable comprehensive crude unit overhead automation for the continuous monitoring of: ammonia, chlorides, iron and pH. Benefits of HVSENSE include:

  • Increased asset integrity
  • In depth understanding of system conditions and performance
  • Enhanced KPI control = reduced variability and improved system efficiency

Mass flow meters for desalters and overhead accumulators

Halliburton Vasu advocates the use of a Mass Flow Meter (Coriolis Meter) able to detect changes of 0.5% oil in water. This tool is used as an alarm, to collect data and to control secondary chemical injection. Benefits include:

  • Providing data on fluid properties at various levels in desalters and overhead accumulators
  • It is an early-warning device for operations and Halliburton Vasu on changes in fluid properties

Critical Electrical Field (CEF) technology to detect emulsion stability

Critical Electrical Field (CEF) technology helps operators and Halliburton Vasu detect emulsion stability. This allows for a quicker solution to deliver dry oil and oil-free water than traditional bottle tests used to select suitable demulsifiers.