Process Treatment Solutions

Halliburton Vasu is the combined strength of Athlon, a Halliburton Service, and Vasu Chemicals. We leverage Vasu’s extensive water treatment success in the region and Halliburton’s expertise and global experience of more than 50 years to provide process treatment solutions to refiners, petrochemical plants, pipelines, terminals and other heavy industrial facilities.

Our solutions, whether chemical, operational and/or mechanical, help our customers meet cost and performance objectives, improve reliability, increase throughput, and enhance flexibility of operating units.

Phase Separation

Leverage our phase separation expertise to manage challenges in desalters, cokers, fluid catalytic cracking units, crude units, slop tanks, and more.

Corrosion Control

Mitigate corrosion with our asset integrity solutions, which start with a mechanical, operational, and chemical assessment.

Fouling Mitigation

Control fouling before costly downtime impacts the efficiency, reliability and productivity of your process units.

Finished Fuel Additives

Our additive solutions help ensure timely and successful results for refiners, terminal operators, and cargo treatment teams.

Pipelines and Gas Processing

Customized chemicals and services, including gathering systems, transmission piping, product storage and product transportation.

Automation and Digitization

Industry-specific tools to improve reliability, increases throughput, and enhance the efficiency and flexibility of your operations

Our Legacy & Profile

Halliburton Vasu is the combined strength of global expertise and local results put in motion by Athlon, a Halliburton Service, and Vasu Chemicals for Southeast Asia's downstream market.

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